Monday’s class in the Media Archaeology Lab

Hi everyone, sorry for the short notice but we’re thinking it’d be great and appropriate to have class in the Media Archaeology Lab Monday morning and then Thora has some things planned in Special Collections at 11.15am.

So, please meet at the MAL at 9.30am! It’s at 1320 Grandview Ave, **lower level**. It’s one block north of University Ave and it’s in the lower level of an old house – follow the steps down on the left/east side of the house.
After I give you a quick overview of the why/how of the MAL, I’d love it if you’d wander around and – with or without a partner – mull over these two questions in light of the reading you just did:
  1. If the materiality of the object along with an imagined ideal use/user should or could drive a classification system, what are some possible ways to organize and also to classify (ideally together!) some of the things in the lab ranging from books/magazines/manuals to floppy disks, computers (which should lead you to ask yourself what is a computer: is it its hardware or software or design? what about peripherals like printers? drives? boards and chips? game consoles?), analog media (which should then lead you to ask yourself what is the dividing line between analog and digital? how do you classify borderline objects like digital word processors or teletype printers or daisywheel printers?). If you like, check out the MAL’s current metadata scheme we came up with ourselves. It’s far from perfect but you can see how different it is from any of the standards endorsed by the Library of Congress.
  2. How does the MAL demonstrate how infrastructure drives knowledge, knowledge production, classification and so on? How does the space of the lab impact the lab’s identity and your understanding of what’s in the lab itself?

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